Speech Of Osho Siddhartha on the occasion of Osho’s birthday celebrations at Murthal

December 11, 2009

My Dear Soulmates,

On this auspicious occasion of birthday of Osho please accept my hearty congratulations.

The celebrations held today have enriched our joy. In fact the songs and dances presented by our artists in the first half were all based on the theme of Samridhi (enrichment). I have now the pleasure to announce to you all that Oshodhara has launched today a new program called Samridhi Abhiyan.

What is Samridhi?

Osho wanted his disciples to be ‘Zorba the Buddha’; Zorba: well off in worldly life, and Buddha: centered inwardly in true self. Oshodhara so far has been guiding the sadhakas into their inner journey. This is to help them discover their innermost center or true self. Oshodhara did not talk about the outer or the worldly life. This is because between the outer and the inner, the priority in spirituality is always to the inner.

The Rishi of Upanishad says:

Pratham aatma mokshartham, jagat dwitiyay cha.

First get established in your true self, then follows the worldly aggrandizement.

After centering ourselves, the life practically moves to the outer, the periphery. However life at the periphery should also be purposeful.

Gautama the Buddha initially emphasized Swantah Sukhaya i.e. personal spiritual development. But later towards the conclusion of his ‘Dharma Chakra Pravartana’ he emphasized Bahujan Sukhaya, Bahujan Hitaya or the welfare of all.

Inner journey leads to perpetual Annanda . When living at the periphery, this Annanda transforms into Prem or love for others.

Over the last one decade of its existence Oshodhara has pursued Annanda. Now its Annanda is touching zenith and begs to flow to others as love.

We have twenty-one levels of scientifically designed spiritual programs. The first fourteen are samadhi programs which fill you with Annanda . The last seven are sumiran(remembrance) programs which transform your Annanda into Prem. These seven consist of: Chaitanya Sumiran, Annanda Sumiran, Prem Sumiran; then Chaitanya Pada, Annanda Pada, Prem Pada and lastly Param Pada , the climax in spirituality.

Sage Kabir says:

Tarvar, sarvar, sant jan aur barasta meh
Parmarath ke karne charon dhare deh.

These four: tarvar i.e. tree, sarvar i.e. pond, sant jan (seers) and barasata meh (the rain bearing clouds) come into existence entirely to serve the others. Nevertheless, to serve one must first possess adequate capacity and capability.

Many of our sadhakas have now completed the journey of first fourteen levels. Many more are likely to complete soon. Their Annanda is already overflowing. The journey from here onward will be the journey into Prem. It is therefore important that we learn to transform our Annanda into Prem.

Oshodhara has achieved the capacity and capability to get into welfare programs. We are practically in Osho’s ‘Zorba the Buddha’; filled with Annanda within and rolling in plenty in the outside. Oshodhara is obliged to reach out to others to help them.

To put it poetically, now that we have lit the lamp to expel darkness from our homes, it does not appear right to our sensitivity that our neighbors should continue to reel in the darkness. We ought to kindle the lamp in their houses as well.

What glory is of the lamp that lights till its wick and oil lasts? The glory is of that lamp which lights thousands others before it extinguishes.

What glory is of the river that dumps all its water into the ocean? The glory is of that river which quenches thirst of millions before losing itself into the ocean.

Oshodhara is like a flowing river. All of us together constitute it. We have to flow to those who are not as fortunate as we are.

Osho talked of communism, removing inequalities amongst people. But his communism did not constitute in snatching from the rich and distributing to the poor. In ‘Beyond Psychology’, Chapter Seven, Osho says, “I am for a communism that uplifts the poor to the level of the rich.”

Oshodhara is all set to engage itself in the upliftment of the poor.

India lives in the villages and vast populations there live below the poverty line. Oshodhara established its fourth ‘Dham’ in a remote village in Bihar, located in one of the most backward areas. Why? So that it can understand the pain and agony suffered by people living in abject poverty and deprivation and develop a model for their upliftment. I am not saying that other people are not thinking about it. The government is doing every bit possible for the development of villages in India. But the reality is that no development has ever reached these villages. In the last fifty to fifty two years, not even a single brick has been added in the name of development there. Why this happens? The reason is management deficiency. The programs start off well in Delhi but due to inefficiency in implementation never reach the ground. It therefore remains on files only. Oshodhara wants to change that. The slogan Oshodhara has adopted for its Samridhi Abhiyan is:

Kranti la den kushlata mein jo, hamko aese insan chahiye
Hara bhara hindustan chahiye, hamko bharat mahan chahiye.

Over the last three years I have studied this system and have come to the conclusion that efficient non-governmental organizations (NGOs) must come forward to bridge the gap between the government and the villagers. Oshodhara has assumed that role.

Oshodhara has already conceived its scheme for poverty alleviation of rural poor. It will be achieved by providing cows to the poor families. A cow, if you consider, is sure to bring a family above the poverty line. One hybrid cow can give a family a minimum monthly income of four thousand rupees, besides food and fuel. Can we not provide every poor family at least one cow?

Oshodhara has started working on it. We are setting up a major cow breeding ‘Gow-shala’ at our ashram . It will be an ultra-modern ‘Gow-shala, on the pattern of cattle breeding farms at NDRI, Karnal, Haryana. Construction of ‘Gow-shala’ has begun and will be completed in about two-three months. There will be a training centre attached to it to train the villagers in rearing hybrid cows.

Another development activity Oshodhara has undertaken in these villages is the introduction of sports. You may be surprised to know that youth in the villages have no playgrounds to play. There is therefore no sports activity. During my recent visit to the ashram some youth from the village came and told me how long ago their playgrounds were converted into crop fields. I called a meeting of the villagers and requested them to restore the playgrounds. I am very glad to inform you that villagers heeded to my call and restored the playgrounds. The village youth now play regularly. In fact they have organized various teams to participate in sports competitions. A cricket competition between sixteen teams will be organized when I visit the ashram next in March. You will be pleasantly surprised to know that I have arranged coaching of these cricketers by the same coach who initially coached Indian captain M S Dhoni.

Another activity Oshodhara has started in these villages is distribution of fertilizer. Earlier people had to run after the stockiest or buy fertilizer in the black market. Oshodhara has ensured proper distribution and that too at below the market price. State agricultural minister from Bihar inaugurated this program. She was aware of government schemes not reaching the villages and assured Oshodhara all support if it stepped in to help the needy masses.

With all these initiatives Oshodhara has created a wave of exuberance amongst the villagers. They have started celebrating just as we do here. Every time I go to the ashram they perform plays which are fun to watch. I feel overjoyed at their newly acquired Samridhi.

Starting from this small area in Bihar Oshodhara proposes to spread its Samridhi Abhiyan to the entire country. We have already registered Oshodhara Cooperative Society in seven states and intend to register more in remaining states.

For any Abhiyans (movement) as large as this, participation of one and all is a must. Our people got to taste the joy of giving. I am not saying this to ask for money. I am asking for your heart instead. Let you feel one with this cause and a sense of giving will arise on its own.

With your active help and support Oshodhara will reach every home in every village to kindle the lamp of prosperity.

‘Hai andheri raat, par diya jalana kab mana hai’
‘Alright, the night is pitch-dark, but who stops you from lighting the lamp.’

Someone may say, but the darkness is too spread out. Just how many lamps Oshodhara will be able to light to dispel it off?

In response, I shall remind you the story of that small boy playing on the sea shore, picking up something from the sand and throwing it off into the sea. A passerby when saw him, out of curiosity asked what he was doing.

“I am putting the fish that have come ashore with high tide back into the sea”, the boy replied.

Surprised, the passerby asked, “But there are hundreds and thousands of them on the shore;does it matter if you put a few back into the sea”.

“Uncle, it matters to this one,” the boy replied while picking up another one from thesand and sending it back to the sea.

Ordinarily we would think the poverty in India is too steep to assail, too widespread to wipe out. We must remember this true story in such moments. Consider that at least those families which receive our help will get rid of abject poverty. However let me assure you that Samridhi Abhiyan of Oshodhara will reach all eighty percent of rural households in India. Oshodhara will not be known merely as a spiritual body but a torch bearer welfare organization as well.

I invite you all to participate in this Samridhi Abhiyan with an open heart. With your assistance the first Gow-shala that we are developing will become the largest in Bihar. Thirty three friends have already donated a cow each. I am quite hopeful this number will go on increasing day by day. Donating one cow means contributing a sum of forty thousand rupees.

Once again, I wish you all hearty congratulations on the occasion of birthday of Osho and invite you all to contribute to the success of Samridhi Abhiyan of Oshodhara.


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