Samridhi Abhiyan 

Bharatiya Yoga Avam Prabandhan Sansthan has launched ‘Samridhi Abhiyan’ for eradicating poverty from the rural India and make it prosperous. We propose to do it in following stages:

  • Training village folk in Gopalan: Through Oshodhara, one of our sister organizations, we have established a training center at village Karma, Tehsil Bikramganj, District Rohtas, Bihar, wherein we conduct Gopalan workshops every month. For this we have already established a modern Dairy farm containing about 40 cows.
  • Arranging Bank Loans: During Gopalan training program we invite Bank Managers to provide bank loans to the villagers including APL and BPL, for purchasing cows and constructing shades. During training we motivate the trainees to be particular in repaying bank loans in time.
  • Arranging Cows: Through Oshodhara Multi- State Agro Cooperative Society, our another sister organization, we provide high yielding HF cows giving average 20 liters milk per day in a very reasonable price.
  • Marketing of Milk: Through Oshodhara Multi- State Agro Cooperative Society, we purchase milk from the village folk and sell it in the open market to get good returns to the villagers.
  • Protection of Male Calves: It is well known that with growing mechanization of agriculture the male calves are finding their ultimate destination in slaughter houses. To protect them against their slaughter it is proposed to establish a number of Goshalas exclusively to accommodate male calves and old cows. If required, a separate sister trust will be established for this purpose.
  • Mentha Farming: Oshodhara Multi- State Agro Cooperative Society has commissioned a Mentha Plant at Village Karma, District Rohtas, Bihar to give boost to rural economy through mentha farming. It is proposed that gradually this will cover not only Bihar but other states also.
  • Organic Farming: We are training farmers in organic farming by using vermi- compost. This will pave the way towards making a clean and green India. This will also stop slaughter of animals sine the cow dung becomes as precious as milk.
  • Cultural Activities: We are promoting community living by organizing cultural programs. Villagers are participating in large numbers in such activities.
  • Games: We have provided volleyball grounds in our premises where villagers enjoy playing volleyball every evening. We are also trying to revive football and cricket ground in the village.

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